Breathtaking Wedding Day

Did you know that the bride circles the groom 7 times in a Jewish wedding?

Here is what it means:

Circling seven times corresponds with the seven wedding blessings and demonstrates that the groom is the centre of the brides life. This also symbolises her protective care of her husband.

After the bride walks around the groom seven times the walls between them will falland their souls will be united.

Stephenie & Jerome’s wedding out at Deep South Farm was my first experience capturing a Jewish wedding. It was beautiful, it was grand and it was full of meanigful moments.

I loved witnessing the Ketuba signing. Surrounded by some of the most imporatnt people in his life Jerome was encouraged, loved and celebrated as they read beautful written passages and personal letters to him. At the end of the signing, Stephanie’s mom did the breaking of the plate.

Stephenie worked so hard on every detail of her wedding day and it did not disappoint!

Another exciting moment happened at the bridal cabin, when her favorite band, Seaforth, arrived. Her and Jerome saw them at Grand Ole Opry and just knew they wanted them at their wedding and Stephenie made it happen!!

To end the night, Stephenie's dad gave them a gift from his heart, an amazing fireworks show. He worked endlessly to put this together for them. It was breathtaking.

Stephenie & Jerome: I hope you love your preview!!


Venue: Deep South Farm

Caterer: The Pink Pig

HMUA: DeAnne Janelle Roland Walker

Videography: MSA Entertainment

Band: Seaforth

Second Photographer: Kelsey Love Bradley